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Taylor Swift’s ‘Out Of The Woods': Three Clues It’s About Harry Styles

Taylor Swift’s ‘Out Of The Woods': Three Clues It’s About Harry Styles

The best part about a new Taylor Swift song is getting to dissect its lyrics to figure out who the song is for! Tay’s new song, ‘Out Of The Woods’ is one of the easier songs to figure out —

it is for sure about her ex, Harry Styles!Taylor Swift, 24, might as well come out and say that her new song, Out Of The Woods, is about One Direction singer, Harry Styles. After reading through the lyrics, it is obvious that she is referencing her previous relationship with the 20-year-old british boy bander. Check out the list of clear-cut reasons why this song is 100% about Harry!


photo by : http://www.aubridesmaid.com/formal-dresses

Harry Styles: Taylor Swifts New Song ‘Out Of The Woods’ Is About Him — Clue Number One“Last December, we were built to fall apart,” Taylor sings.

That is the first indication that the song is for sure about Harry! Taylor and Harry started dating around December of 2012! Who could forget their super cute Central Park date in NYC on December 2?

Clue Number TwoLater on, Taylor sings, “Your necklace hanging from my neck…..Two paper airplanes flying, flying…” During the time that they dated, Taylor was spotted wearing Harry’s favorite paper airplane necklace on multiple occasions. (Harry’s fans were not too happy about this!) Can these lyrics get any more obvious?

Clue Number ThreeThe final clue comes from her lyrics, “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon, Twenty stitches in a hospital room.” In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Taylor revealed that she was in a serious snowmobile accident with one of her ex-boyfriends (obviously Harry).  She told the mag that her life flashed before her eyes when he lost control and crashed the ride.

She also said that she wasn’t hurt in the incident before correcting herself saying, “Not as hurt.” Harry was the one who ended up in the hospital having to get 20 stitches! Click here to see the pic of Harry all bandaged up post incident!


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